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LEWISBins+ is a manufacturer of high quality storage products intended to make material handling simple. LewisBins are commonly found in various settings including healthcare, educational, government, retail, warehousing, food processing, fulfillment/distribution & manufacturing. LEWISBins+ selection of containers, bins and totes is wide ranging, ensuring that our products will suit any of your material handling needs, regardless of industry. 

Lewis Bins product line is broad and diverse, ensuring there is an option suitable for your application. Lewis Bins Stack and Nest Containers are ideally designed for use in manufacturing, warehousing, food processing and distribution settings. Lewis Divider Boxes are typically found in industrial, electronics, commercial and healthcare settings. Shelf Bins are an economical way to replace cardboard or corrugated boxes, while the parts bins provide extra durability and the ability to hang from louvered panels or rails. If you need to store electronics, computers or telecommunication products, Lewis offers ESD Safe storage bins in a variety of shapes and sizes. ESD Safe bins help protect items from electromagnetic or electrostatic interference.

As a direct Lewis Bins distributor, we have extensive knowledge of the entire product line as well as live inventory and production information, in addition to unbeatable pricing. Please contact us with any questions or special requests. If you are looking to purchase in bulk, please contact us so that we can work out special volume pricing.