LEWISBins+ : History and Present

As an authorized distributor of LEWISBins+ products, it is important that we provide our visitors and potential customers with information about the brand's background and history. We want our customers to know that they can rely on Lewis Bins products now and in the future.

LEWISBins+ Origins - From Lewisystems to LEWISBins+

LEWISBins+ is a division of ORBIS corporation, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Menasha Corporation. In 1849, LEWISystems (the original brand name) released the first reusable plastic container in North America, solidifying their position as pioneers in the material handling industry. That's almost 200 years of expertise in the material handling industry.

The name has sinced evolved from Lewis Systems to LEWISBins+, and the product range has increased to include a variety of containers, totes, bins and metal systems for work-in-process, storage and distribution applications. Some of the distinct advantages that Lewis Bins offers include:

  • Broad product line that is constantly expanding.
  • Manufacturing excellence and quality control.
  • Large quantities of ready-to-ship inventory.

LEWISBins+ Standard Materials - What are Lewis Bins made from?

  • Polyethylene (PE) is one of the most widely used plastic materials and offers excellent chemical resistance, ease of manufacturing, strength, toughness and durability. PE is suited for typical manufacturing environments as the material remains stable at temperatures encountered in the cold winters and hot summers. For continuous normal use, the recommended temperature range is -20° F to 176° F. For short-term exposure, like washing, temperatures should not exceed 212° F.
  • Polystyrene Plastic (PS) is known for its rigidity and stiffness. Comparatively, PS is much stiffer than polyethylene and polypropylene, with lower mold shrinkage.
  • Polypropylene (PP) material is in the same family as polyethylene and offers excellent chemical resistance and ease of manufacturing that remain similar to that of PE. This material's advantages over PE include greater stiffness and elevated use temperature. For continuous normal use, the recommended temperature range is -20° F to 266° F. For short-term exposure, the temperature should not exceed 293° F.
  • ESD-Safe Materials protect your products from the damaging effects of static electricity.

LEWISBins+ Distributors - BuyLewisBins.com

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